Traffic Tickets

The California legislature recently enacted a measure authorizing an increase in ALL traffic fines. Now, a single speeding ticket, if it is not promptly paid, can cost a driver over a $1,000. A conviction for a simple moving violation such as speeding or running a red light will result in a “point” on your record. Two points over a three year period will probably result in an increase on your auto insurance premiums. Four points in a year, or six in two years, or eight in three years can result in your license being suspended. A violation received in a commercial vehicle carries one and a half times the point count normally assessed.

It is extremely important to take care of your traffic tickets. When you sign on the X after being pulled over you are agreeing to pay the fine or appear in court. While you may expect something in the mail, such a reminder is merely a courtesy, and if you fail to pay the fine or show up in court, you will be hit with a $300 civil assessment, even if you never received anything.

However, with an experienced attorney on your side, it is possible to fight your traffic ticket to the full extent of the law. You are entitled to a trial before a judge where the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed every element of the infraction alleged. Many technical defenses to speeding traps and use of radar or aircraft surveillance are available. Further, an experienced attorney can effectively challenge an officer’s powers of observation and create the reasonable doubt necessary for a finding of not guilty. Even if you do not have a viable defense for your ticket, a skilled attorney may be able to reduce the charge to a non-moving violation, which results in a smaller fine and no point on your record.

If you retain an attorney, it will not be necessary for you to miss several days of work to contest your undeserved traffic violation. Your attorney can make all appearances on your behalf.

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